Insight Safari Holidays, About Us

Insight safari Holidays is a tour operator comprising of educated and experienced staff working as a team. Each of our expert staff members is trained to a high standard in their specific departments, so rest assured of quality services once you choose to book your Uganda or Rwanda safari holiday with us.

Before your safari holiday with us you may take a look at some of our staff and know who you are dealing with as you plan to book your Uganda safari with Insight Safari Holidays


Administration and Operation

Our company has a team of directors behind one of the most experienced and sought after tour operators in East Africa. Our expertise range from catering for our clients  right  from the time they contact us to the time they get back to their home countries, that’s  to say we care more about our clients experience at the end of tour.


Insight safari Holidays has an excellent and experienced sales team, that has vast knowledge about African travel. Our team of sales Personnel work tirelessly twenty four hours a day to answer any queries that our clients rise.  Our experienced team is responsible for planning the itinerary which is planned to suit our clients’ needs.


Our drivers have been vetted thoroughly and have had a positive response from the majority of our visitors. Our drivers serve as tour guides and since they have made endless tours, they are well vast with both the Geographical and physical features. The drivers are always on the lookout for potential wildlife sightings as well as other important land marks a long the way. The driver provides you with facts about each destination, wildlife ,the people and their cultural norms , land marks and all the general information as and when required by the visitors.


The operations team over see the smooth running of business focusing on the challenges that come up every now and then.  They oversee each stage of your holiday to ensure the best service is offered  and that your holiday experience lives long enough for you to book another holiday with us.


In this day and age of the global village, our team of excellent information technology experts deals with websites, our website is often up dated, our other forms of contact including; phones, emails and social media ie face book are always open for communication. Our clients are offered advice and given information in a timely manner. Clarifications are made by email and some cases by phone.

Account department

We recognize the need to keep our clients money safe, on that note we have a well- trained and trust worthy financial controller who deals with the finances of the company ie monitoring all the wire transfers and cash received in hand.


Our reservations team ensures that desired accommodations are booked in advance, transfers are scheduled and that any special requests are arranged to be carried out.

 Professional Membership

We Are proud members of the following professional organizations.

1. Association of Uganda Tour Operators

2. Africa Tour Operators

3. Uganda Tourism Association

4. Tourism Uganda

All our safari vehicles have been modified specifically for a comfortable holiday while on safari with Insight safari Holidays.

All our vehicles are 4 wheel drive with other features such as roof which can be opened and closed with ease and therefore allows for greater viewing and photograph opportunities, seat belts, fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.


Insight safari Holidays Vehicles

Depending on the number of people, a vehicle will be chosen to suite the group dynamics.

Carrying capacity; 1-2 passengers, with 3 window seats. Below is the image showing the interior view of 1-2 seater safari vehicles with each passenger having a window seat offering a clear for photography and site seeing.

Capacity of 1- 5 passengers, with 5 window seats. Below is the image showing the interior of 1-5 seater safari vehicle ideal for game viewing and photography with each of the passengers with a window seat.

Safari vehicle with a carrying capacity of 1-7 passengers with 7 window seats. Below is the image showing the interior view of the 7 seater.

We also have Costas with a carrying capacity of 20-30 passengers for group safaris and student study trips.