Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

3 day Chimpanzee trekking and Kibale Forest Jungle primate watch

The jungle rain forest of Kibale Park is simply a place for primate tracking wonders in East Africa.   It is fantastic and rewarding to trek the chimps.  When you take a chimpanzee safari in Kibale, itself explanatory that you are in the Center of   the jungle with swamps and grassland within and around the forest.  The 1 /2 hours guided forest walk is  worth taking while in Kibale , the birds, trees and butterflies are simply fabulous.

The uniqueness of   Kibale Forest is that it is one of the prime destinations for Chimpanzee tracking trips in East Africa and the world over. While on the forest walk in search for the Chimps you may also spot other forest residents like hippos, forest elephants which are quite different compared the savannah elephants, buffaloes, giant forest hogs, lions, leopards, warthogs, and birds of different species. Kibale   park is a home of approximately 13 primate  species, the highest capacity in East Africa among these are  the  Grey Cheeked  Mangabey Monkeys, Blue Monkeys,  Red Colobus Monkeys, Red Tailed Monkey,   Grey Vervet Monkey, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Black and White Colobus, Monkey , Olive Baboon, and of course the Chimpanzees are  a must see . The forest is in a natural setting similar to that of western Africa lowland forests and Afro-montana.

Most tourists visit Kibale Forest with the purpose of tracking the chimpanzees and the forest has more to  offer with a great diversity not realizing all the other Africa natural wonders are encountered in this great forest Kibale.  A part from primates there are 351 shrubs and tree species, birds, mammals and butterflies. This is enough evidence for one to book a chimpanzee tracking safari in this stunning jungle forest.

3 day chimpanzee safari at Kibale

Day One:  Uganda chimpanzee safari journey to Kibale

Early departure from Kampala for your amazing chimp trip to the great primate forest of Kibale Park and Bigodi swamp hike.  It is an exciting journey driving through the beautiful Ugandan remote countryside as we head  to Kibale Forest National Park in western Uganda. See the chimpanzees in their natural settingKibale Rainforest Jungle scenery is worth the drive on getting here through banana plantations and tea farms.

Its check   in time at Primate Lodge, Chimps Nest Lodge or Chimpanzee Guest house then lunch.

Bigodi Village and community tour:  The Bigodi community walk will lead you to the homes of the local communities who stay near the park. While on this village walk, you will be escorted by a local resident with enough information about the culture and norms of different people and their tribes. It will be a door to door village tour where you will visit schools and churches .This walk will expose you to the village life people  in Africa live  especially in the remote areas. Return to your lodge for dinner and a good night sleep.

Budget Accommodation: Chimpanzee Guest House, Ruwenzori view Guest house
Moderate Accommodation:  Chimps Nest Lodge, Bush Lodge
Luxury Accommodation; Primate Lodge, Mountains of the Moon
Super Luxury Accommodation:   Kyaninga lodge

Day Two:  Chimpanzee Adventure safari at Kibale Jungle Forest Park

Africa jungle breakfast and get set for your chimp trek  in the jungle forest. A rewarding day in the heart of Africa for your chimpanzee tracking trip in the Kibale forest park.  A part from the Chimpanzees there is the fantastic rainforest, trees,  other primates, the abundance bird life, butterflies moving freely through the air and on trees. The place to go for your Uganda safari, and then the lovely chimpanzees grabbing your attention, you are glad you choose Kibale Forest for Chimpanzee Tracking safari to Uganda.

Its Lunchtime return to your accommodation and a lovely lunch to give you energy to hike the Bigodi swamp in the afternoon.

We later set off for our Adventure safari at the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary. While on your guided walk, expect to see wildlife, birds  and mammals in their nature environment.  Bigodo swamp walk/ hike are very popular in Kibale just like the Chimpanzee forest walk.  It is advised to have confortable walking shoes since part of the walk takes you to the muddy areas.  Hopefully you may see the shoebill stork and the elusive Sitatunga Antelope. The Bigodi walk is a must here. You will meet some of the primates here, even  chimpanzee at times.  Back to your lodge for dinner and well deserved  sleep.

Budget Accommodation: Chimpanzee Guest House, Ruwenzori view Guest house
Moderate Accommodation:  Chimps Nest Lodge, Bush Lodge
Luxury Accommodation; Primate Lodge, Mountains of the Moon
Super Luxury Accommodation: Kyaninga lodge

Day Three: travel back to Kampala

A relaxed cup of coffee and we travel to Kampala with  lunch along the way. Arrive in Kampala during the late afternoon. End of   our chimpanzee trek



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