Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safari- 5 Day safari Itinerary

Day 1: Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable forest

Travel by hired tour van from Kampala to the rolling hills of south western Uganda with short visits at the Equator crossing near Masaka, drive Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forestpast the grazing Ankole cows, view the beautiful intensely terraced hill slopes of Kigezi, and much of Uganda’s famed scenic landscape features.

Reaching the town of Kisoro draws closer looks at the Virunga volcanic ranges from northern Rwanda and Rwenzori mountains from the Ugandan side. Bwindi Forest Park is found within the forest valleys and is the best place of your Uganda safari as well as  Gorilla trekking adventures.

Overnight and dinner is available from Clouds lodge, Gorilla Nest Resort, Gorilla forest camp, Bwindi Safari Lodge, Lake Kitandara camp and Buhoma community guesthouse and bandas.

 Day 2 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Gorilla Trekking

Set off after an early breakfast prepared at your lodge to the ranger station where you’ll be allocated in groups of 8 persons and then begin your gorilla tracking in Bwindi by mid morning.

2 of the 6 gorilla families living in Bwindi are Nkuringo and Nshongi. Tracking for say one of these families is often tiresome and could last more than 2 hours. Pack you lunch just in case it takes you longer than you estimated. Finding the gorilla within the forest is exciting, the silver males often led their families and the juvenile will be seen playing within the forest canopy. It only one have that is given to sit and interact with the animals, take their pictures and observe their humanly behavior. Along the trails are several other primates like chimpanzees, colobus, baboons, mangabeys and many other mammals.

For the afternoon, take a nature walk to Munyaga river and to Lake Mutanda found within the forest. Find the amazing waterfalls coursing along unique flora diversity of ferns, tossing butterflies, sounds of crickets, frogs and everything you imagine in an un touched wild scenery!

Check into overnight lodging of your choice; Gorilla forest luxury Camp, Clouds lodge, Bwindi Safari lodge and Lake Kitandara Camp. Check out the budget options from Buhoma Community Bandas and Ruhija Safari Lodge.

Day 3 Travel to Rwanda

Board the tour van after a good breakfast at your lodge and drive for a few hours to the Uganda Rwanda border at Kisoro, clear your travel Visit Rwanda and see the gorillasdocuments with the border officials and cross to the land of a thousand hills to Volcanoes National Park

Parc Nationale de volcanoes is Rwanda’s prime safari tourist destination set in huge, lush rainforest bamboo giving the mountain gorilla a diverse forest habitat. Rwanda tourism entirely focuses on conservation of the mountain gorillas which are an endangered species, about 800 of these are found in Rwanda’s 8 silverback gorilla families.

Overnight accommodation is available at Gorilla Nest Camp, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Virunga Volcanoes luxury Lodge or from Sabinyo Silverback lodge.

Day 4 Gorilla tracking Rwanda

Begin gorilla tracking in volcanoes national park after your breakfast with a short drive to the ORTPN offices in the town Musanze at the foot hills of the Virunga volcanic ranges. By mid morning, be sure to have begun on the gorilla tracking adventures under the lead of an expert ranger and tracker.

The tracking experience often lasts several hours and you are advised to have comfortable walking shoes and a packed lunch. After 2-7 hours of following last night’s trials, you’ll pounce on a silver back headed group hidden within the forest canopy. It is exciting to find these rare shy creatures but you have to be calm. It takes only one hour to interact and take their pictures before you head back to your lodge.

In the evening, visit Dian Fossey’s grave, Karisoke research centre, Lake Kivu or drive to Gisenyi to visit Ross Carr Orphanage. Retire to your lodge for overnight and dinner.

 Day 5:    To Kampala

Pack your luggage after breakfast and board your tour van back to Kampala. Stop by a hotel in Mbarara for a pre-booked lunch break.



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